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Aditya Mithas

Hey! I'm passionate about building great products.


Investor @ Polymath Capital Partners

August 2019 - Present

Software Engineer @ Google Search > Assistant

Working on new strategic initiative to improve user experience and trust in conversational actions (e.g., ”OK Google, order my Starbucks coffee”, ”Hey Google, check me in to my flight”) on Google Assistant.

September 2019 - Present

Design Fellow @ IDEO CoLab

Prototyped emerging VR tech for IDEO’s R&D lab. One of 60 fellows from 1000+ applicants.

Winter 2019

Software Engineer @ Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Developed system to enable 3p developers to leverage GCP infrastructure to reduce service outages, saving millions in lost revenues and developer productivity. Drove customer presentation and engagement at company-wide engineering summit.

August 2018 - August 2019

Founder @ Edu.forAll()

Started an initiative to create personal websites for college students in exchange for donations to education-oriented charitable ventures.

September 2017 - Present
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Software Engineering Intern @ Facebook

Worked with Data Privacy team to grow adoption of Launch Calendar, a tool to help executives stay on top of feature launches in parts of the world where privacy regulations are not uniform.

September - November 2017

Software Engineering Intern @ Google

Built ML features to help customers visualize and predict how resource consumption on cloud VMs would scale based on team size & throughput. Resource requests dipped 5-20% across accounts post- launch, saving thousands of dollars.

May - August 2017

Machine Learning Research

Kidney exchange is a recent innovation that allows patients who suffer from terminal kidney failure, and have been lucky enough to find a willing but incompatible kidney donor, to swap donors. Worked with Dr. John Dickerson on the codebase that is currently run the US nationwide kidney exchange program. Attempted to improve number of matches that are found in a patient-donor network over set of features including number of altruists in a graph, numbers of a certain blood-type, etc.

August 2016 - July 2017

Engineering Practicum Intern @ Google

Worked with Apps & Product Infrastructure team to convert internal libraries of Google web server from old, deprecated infrastructure to new, simplifying complex APIs along the way.

May - August 2016

Teaching Fellow @ UMD Dept. of Computer Science

Led bi-weekly sections of 40+ students for several courses: Networking, HCI, OOP, & Discrete Mathematics.

August 2015 - 2017

Published "Timely News - New York Times Headlines" on Chrome Web Store

Created Google Chrome extension that displays New York Times front page headlines, as they’re updated in real time, with link to full article for further exploration. Quicker way to prioritize reading newspaper during hectic times in college (hackathons, exams, etc.). Code written in JavaScript, submitted to Google Play for Education initiative. NOTE: I got so much traffic to my page that The New York Times Company contacted me themselves - has since been taken down.

August 2015

Software Engineering Intern @ Nibbly

Developed back-end of app in Python and Flask Microframework. Scraped data from NYTimes, Foursquare, and Yelp pages to build a Critics' Picks curated deck of venues. Redesigned UI and implemented relative cost comparison, location services, etc. Among first 10 employees of NYC startup, Agile (Scrum) development environment.

June - August 2015

Cybersecurity Research

Studied link between hackers’ first 20 commands and their primary objective to design faster, more effective response protocols for University’s Division of IT. Set up Snoopy Logger to log keystrokes of intruders and wrote bash scripts to process log files and transfer them remotely from Honeypot VM to Data VM.

January - May 2015

Bachelor's @ University of Maryland

Major: Computer Science

Graduated with honors citation

September 2014 - May 2018